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Coronation Generation Poster Design Challenge [graphical text]
#CoronationGeneration Judge's Choice (Amos Bursary)
Coronation Generation Judge's Choice: #KingdomUnited (Amos Bursary)

We have our winners!

Over a month ago we invited schools, colleges and educators from across the UK to take part in a challenge, funded by the Department of Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS), to encourage young people to get involved in the Coronation of King Charles III by creating posters using photography, copywriting, typography and graphic design to reflect one or more of the key themes: community, diversity, sustainability, and youth.

In the words of Heather MacRae, our CEO - “we have all been blown away by the standard of entries and the enthusiasm of schools, having received over 1,000 signups!”

Thank you to everyone who has taken part!

We’re delighted to announce the ‘judge’s choice’ was created by students from London’s The Amos Bursary, an educational charity that partners with schools to empower British young people of African and Caribbean heritage to excel in education. The piece, entitled ‘#KingdomUnited' [Right] was created at a workshop hosted by Advertising Agency McCann London and selected for its ability to communicate a powerful message in a succinct way. This and other winning entries were displayed across the UK on digital billboards donated by Clear Channel UK over the Coronation weekend.

Head judge Sir John Hegarty, one of the most well-known figures in the advertising industry, commented: “I wish I had thought of it myself. It's a brilliant image. It shows how one idea can unite all issues. I love the fact they’ve just inverted Kingdom and United.”

Colleen Amos OBE, CEO of The Amos Bursary agrees, saying, "The Coronation Generation Poster Design Challenge was an amazing opportunity for our students to explore their creativity alongside industry experts. Their design was displayed to mark this historic event making the whole experience more memorable for all of us. The Coronation values of community, diversity, sustainability, and youth are integral to all that The Amos Bursary does.”


Bringing the creative development process to life

View online submissions:

From Banchory, Scotland to Taunton, Somerset it’s fantastic to see all the brilliant poster designs shared! The ambition for the challenge has been to give young people from every corner of the UK a creative opportunity to celebrate the Coronation and the key themes of community, diversity, sustainability and youth. View all eligible online submissions using the Padlet button below.


We’d love to hear from you!

How have you found the experience of entering the challenge, what have you learned and is there anything you wish we’d done differently so we can learn for next time? And please share your amazing designs and any ‘making of photos (ensuring everyone who is in them has given consent for the image to be shared) either by email or via our social channels:



Email: ideas@ideasfoundation.org.uk

This project is being funded by the Department for Culture, Media and Sport. Contact ideas@ideasfoundation.org.uk for more information.